Ramaldar Productions

Ramaldar Productions


Ramaldar Productions was born from an adventure made with a dog toy. The similarity to Covid19 was fantastic to raise many artistic concepts. With the Interdiction imposed to Festivals and Events of big dimensions, an artist than achieved to conquer Big Events all over Portugal with other artists that made the Performative Project Os Arlotes. From the Fire Shows, Street Theatre, with the adrenaline always the maximum because there are no 4 walls or takes. It goes right or it goes wrong. That adventure taken by an artistic need to brake the brain washing that was hapening.


- Autistensity - Project with autists in co-production with Russia (awaiting funds since September)

- Ramaldar - Project in a co-production between Portugal, Sri-Lanka, India, Ukraine, United Sates, Germany, Iran.

- Chocalhos, Máscaras e Fogo - Project supported by DRCN (Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte) and EPA (Escola Profissional de Arqueologia 

- Sneaky Snakes (Short Movie with snakes and sex imagetics)

- Patrimordial (A collection of short-movies made in Heritage).


IBAN: PT50 0045 8700 4033 7198 8427 7


Ramaldar Productions is a world of Cinema made only with the freedom of a mobile phone.

As we get fantastic critics from all over the world, Portugal almost not included, amazing things appeared.

The article of Artyom Dergachev making the film Dance of the Hours a Masterpiece. Suddenly the reasons of the existence of this Production and Festival Almost-Company where obvious.

In that day that Bruno Miguel Resende had one of his disturbed thoughts, he achieved the core of Ramaldar Productions.

A dog toy named Ramaldar.

He was the main actor in Dance of the Hours and made the film a Masterpiece, an unique surrealistic, psychedelic and confined mind journey.

Coronantine was the second production, the first  perspective of anxiety, panic, and social madness letting a beautifull city die. It was clear, this futuristic view taken at 13th April was scheduled to be released in a closet closed future.

The sucess of getting a new tipe of video file made the biggest impact on Portuguese Film Industry. None.

The project was ready to be launched into the International Market. From his throne, Ramaldar, the dog toy started his Apocalyptic Plan.

We also know that the Secret Society that established Ramaldar Productions was trying by all efforts to establish new places. Censorship to the dog toy is permanent. Maibe Ramaldar Productions needs a throne elsewhere. 

We also know that the secret society is established in the most discreet place in Portugal. Ramalde. Without cultural events no one was able to identify Ramaldar. The insipid lifestyle that we are supposed to do is leaving all the power to a dog toy. 

Beaware. Cinema is unleashed. 

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