Ramaldar Productions


Ramaldar Productions is an independent multimedia company. We have production, distribution and we organize Festivals. Our task is to produce and to make gatherings between films in a simple but efficient way. Focusing on art. With trophies, lots of good critics, energy from around the globe, we keep our path, maintaining original concepts, and making what we think that needs to be done. Born in Porto, 2020, the work we did, and the works that we had the pleasure to view, primary to the competitions, are just to many. And that is reality. We are always in movement. 

Unlike most projets, Ramaldar Productions don´t get objectives from the Funds that are open. Or by doing what is going to be political perfect. Art lives for it´s own. We are aware of that. 

With a local censorship to the film Coronantine, and with our project being rejected for victory making kitchens of amater theaters more important that our ancestors, and our kids, and all that surrounds life in a place where Culture is what people make when they are tedious, we keep making the political wrong choice of be aware of Emotions.

From poetry to heritage, from horror to experimental films, we believe in Emotions.





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