I am Bizzarrya! Open Letter in defense of political Censorship

Ramaldar Productions was interdicted of being made in physical mode due to confinement and the closure of theaters. But the biggest problem was the censorship made to Culture, where the registration of our Company was not done. And obvious funding from Cultural Budget were denied. From 80000 Euros, we get 0 while making almost all cultural events available in Ramalde.

Also, in a contest we were erased from victory with a documentary production that covered all history of the place. Wining was for a project outside the place, second place also, and we understood that all was already made. A formalization. Not a contest.

By reporting fraude in Court we get threatned, we get without power in December due to a cut in a fund without explanation. We continue without power, and our archived denounces of Fraud, Censorship, Persecution, and other will be re-open by the ways we will find.

All will continue to be. And ignorance and stupidity in power will always have some cleaners.

I am Bizzarrya, and i demand the anwsers to:

1 – How much budget from the 80000 to Culture will be to Ramaldar Productions, that bring the best contemporary films and sends Portugal Cinema to the World?

2- Why was not Ramaldar Productions made company like required to Junta de Freguesia de Ramalde in the person of Sergio Tormenta?

3 – Why have Lusofonia been breaked by the denial of press release of the presence of Daemoon from Bruno Miguel Resende in the big festival in Amazonian Alter Fest?

4 – Why there is no budget to something like Bizzarrya, with 500 films, while there an industrial kitchen is won by an amateur theatre?

5- Why was not activated an Emergency Fund when asked due to all the government cuts to Culture that leaves Ramaldar Productios without power, with a Festival with 500 Films from all over the world, bringing shame and a ridiculous image of Portugal Culture and a break of Constitution Law concernig the relations with other countries.

6- It will be presented as an crime, the break of fredoom of spceach, of free creation and the information about all culture that 500 films brougt to us, some of us, as a closed mind politics simply erases information, denies fundings thar are from people, and not from any President, and canot be choose to be spend in Education if the Funds are Cultural. We want funding. 5000 is the proposal made.

7 – 500 films “being of no interest” is going to have a good explanation.

8 – Not publishing things that are not important is not politics, is fraud.

9 – Ramaldar Productions have a project to be solved. It is going to hapen or not? What are the funding? Licenses, Archives, everything to make a documentary. Our documentary is more important that a kitchen. It is quite obvious.

10 – Ramaldar Productions didn’t get the Festival that was supposed to be. Somes answers to the fantastic Filmmakers we had in the Festival, with great pieces of art is the minimum that can be done.



Filmaker R. A. MORGAN
Country: U. S. A. 
Film: Pirate Ship

I am Bizzarrya.
Filmaker: Pierre DUGOWSON
Country: France
Film : 2030

I am Bizzarrya.
Country: PANAMA

I am Bizarria
Anku Parashar
The Key of Life

I am Bizzarrya
Rendeira Produçoes
Film: Blue Boy
Country: Brazil

I am Bizzarrya.
Name: Ashot Hovsepyan
Country: Armenia

I am Bizarrya

Nolwenn Guiziou



Thanks for your brave action! and all the best!

I am Bizzarya
Name : Mhaag
Country : France
Film: Starlights

Iam Bizarrya !!!!!!!

Lerena Lopez 


I am Bizzarrya.
Name: Lilih Curi
Country: Brasil

I am Bizzarrya.

Name: Óscar Tovías

Country: Spain.

Me debes uno

I am Bizzarrya.
Name: Marie-Lou Béland
Country: Canada (Québec)

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