Interview with Valentina Galdi



Valentina Galdi was born in Battipaglia (SA) on 17th, January 1995. She attended the Commercial Technical Institute and completed her studies with top marks. She graduated in Economics and Business Management and then he achieved a 1st Level Master Degree in Marketing Management dealing with the topic of "Cinematographic Marketing" in both final papers. She took her first steps in Arts in 2015/2016 with the foundation of an independent film production company called "The Gladiator Company".

In the meantime she achieved different courses:

- in scriptwriting with Dominick Tambasco;

- in assistant directing with Gianluca Fabrizio;

- a theatre workshop with Matteo Salsano and Chiara De Vita;

- in techniques of audiovisual representation with Alessandro De Filippo.

She also wrote a screenplay for a professional awarded short film in Italy ("Usura", 2019) and a theatrical monologue for "At The Root Theatre " inScotland ("Superheroes", 2020). Her last written and directed short film called "Memorie Sbiadite" (Faded Memories) won many awards at festivals around the world, also collecting awards for directing. In December 2021 she won the "Il Vince" Award at the 9th Edition of Premio Vincenzo Crocitti International in Rome as newcomer scriptwriter and director.

BMR Hello Valentina. It´s a pleasure to interview you. I had the pleasure to see the beguining of your quest and now, with your second film, the continuity of your work, your cinematic language.


VG Hello Bruno, first of all let me say it is a pleasure to talk with you.


BMR Does your new film have psychological  similarities with your last movie?

VG Not exactly because my new movie doesn't want to show how madness can be a value. It is about a very bad and too frequent episode in which showing the psychological sides of the executioner is inevitable. However the intention is different, I would like to warn about how there can be cases in which the danger is subtle and mental.


BMR You have few objects in your film. And they are connected to the plot. Oneiric or Real?

VG Oh yeah, in fact there are some details aimed at underlining something. When we see the phone or the glass of water, they are obviously a real part of the story and they are necessary to explain the scene and follow up on the movie. If you mean the flame that goes out... It is clearly a metaphor, as well as the birds that are also the inspiration for the title.


BMR The path you are making leads to strong psychological making leads to strong psychological interaction between 2 characters. Is it conscient?

VG Yes I know, as I said the intention was to do that so it is. The violence is often psychological rather than physical and the quarrel that then leads to the epilogue is the demonstration of this.


BMR Do you think that Italy have support to the new filmmakers?

VG  Such a good question. Unfortunately I haven't many elements to judge, but independent filmmakers don't always find a way to reach the "big" of the film industry, unless they find the right intermediaries. Maybe we deserve more chances.


BMR  Does this film have some real experience behind?

VG There are too many real experiences behind this film. During the lockdown due to pandemic situation there was an increase in cases of feminist and this has been the spark. Control issues and jealousy are the common denominator of most news stories.


BMR What you want to film next?


VG I have a micro short in the post-production phase and a screenplay ready to shoot. To be brief I am waiting for the release of the new little movie because it is my first time and I awaiting for better times to shoot the other short film.


BMR Tell us the Filmmakers that inspire you.


VG Oh man, what a question! To be honest I haven't a idol. I'd say Ken Loach or Paolo Genovese as directors but it depends on the movies. I appreciate both their styles and how they address some social issues.


BMR Outside Cinema what inspires you

VG My life, of course! Will I ever write a comedy? Seriously, my experiences are my
inspiration. I write what I feel and when I need to do it.
Everything and everyone is an inspiration.


BMR Thank you Valentina. It was a pleasure speaking to you. Congratulations to you and youre new film, and all the best! 

VG - Thank you to you and your kindness, I hope you liked it!