Bizarrya Short Film Festival - 2020

BSFF Bizarrya Short Winner: Primates

BSFF Best Animation Winner: IT IS BETTER THERE

BSFF Best Horror Winner: Red Room

BSFF Best Humor Short Winner: Coxinha

BSFF Best Experimental Winner: AWARENESS


Covid 19 and Confinement laws.

BSFF was postponed 2 times due to the laws concerning Covid 19. Culture is closed. Taking the 0 to start, all movies selected will be in the online version of the Festival. Those that have submited to live screenings only will be updated to the version 1 of the Festival.

The path between the artistic construction and political cultural destruction is similar. 

With almost total destruction, Bizarrya from Ramaldar Productions will survive to the closure of cultural places. To the economical walls that keep Art away.

The censorship and destruction of local politics.

To all the blocked ways to the survival.

To the fear of staying in fear.

To the cowards that have the brain and the heart in eternal confinement.

To the cut of power suply we face.

To the crime of corruption. 

To the lost Museum. The lost Library. The lost theatre.

To the stupid idea of funding the kitchen of an amateur teather.

To the stupid idea of funding a cultural project that don´t exist.

To the stupid ideia of cutting all funds from all sources from Ramaldar Productions.

Fear of Art?


Bizarrya will keep the Bizarre path of freedom.