Interview with Samantha Casella by Bruno Miguel Resende


B.R: Hello! Your movie "To a God Unknown" has been quite a surprise. I was really surprised for the poetry made the core of the movie. Do you consider your work cinema or poetic, if you had to chose?

S.C: Hi, first of all, thanks for the kind words. I hope to have reach a little compromise between experimental cinema and poetic work.

B.R: The environment brings poetry as pieces of wind, for me, to you consider that pieces toke you to a movie but it was the movie to bring the pieces of wind?

S.C.:"To A God Unknown" is my most intimate short, and honestly, it's not easy for me to talk about it. Sometimes I think the short wrote itself, like a need, a my need, obviously. That reason leads me to think the movie enclosing that wind with the pieces inside.

B.R.:Italy is still very attached to Classic Literature. Do you see the contemporany arts going to a path of niilism or lack of roots, bringuing us content very poor?

S.C.:It's an hard question. I love art and I admit to being very tied to the content. I think there must be room for all forms of art; the answer is always in the talent of the artists.

B.R: I had the chance of adapting Luciano´s Dialogues of the Death to stage, in a Roman Forum called Tongobriga. I a place of simple people that wanted to take part of the play. In the begining they were quite confused about that, but very quickly they where "in the Classical World". Do you have the feeling that we (Europeans) have the basis to don´t let Culture come into an infinitum Entertainment?

S.C.: What a beautiful project "Luciano´s Dialogues of the Death", congrats! I believe that in Europe we have a moral duty to defend the culture and authorial work. These millennia of conflicts, of advances, of regressions, pain, hope, all our cultural baggage, with its strengths and weaknesses must not disperse.


B.R.:Why a God Unknown?

S.C.:Spiritually speaking, I think the really important questions don't have a real answer. We have to dig inside ourselves… but we, ourselves often not known ourselves.

B.R.:Do you think COVID19 will put Culture in a misery state for lots of time. In a year, in Portugal, it was said that we had get into the past 10 years in Culture. And things get worser. It is a challenge or realy a destruction for you?

S.C.: It is a challenge on several levels. I hope that the fear of death won't stop us from living.

B.R.: If you had to name 5 favorite poets, how will be?

S.C.: Sincerely I'm not a great connoisseur poets! I love Sergej Esenin, Arthur Rimbaud, Antonio Machado, Federico García Lorca and Davide Rondoni.

B.R.:What are your plans for the future?

S.C: In these days I'm filming my first feature film entitled "Santa Guerra”. It is obvious an independent film and who knows it could be my first and at the same time, my last feature film. It's all really hard and exiting; but it is an energy that I want to fully absorb.

B.R:Thank you very much and hope to see a new amazing work from you quite soon!

S.C: Thank to you Bruno Miguel, I hope to meet you in the future during some Festival! And thanks again for your kindness.

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