Dance of the Hours by Artyom Dergachev


I had pleasure to admire this masterpiece in the program of Zaporozhye film festival. One comment said – a sacrifice of a cucumber is just too much. But I should say it is just enough to make my day.

What you are doing is great for a number of reasons. This movie is fascinating, hilarious (if you are open to acid absurd), full of unexpected twists and raises many questions. Many of these questions apply to the lifestyle, taste and sense of humor of the author, rather than the content of the story. These are in my case – what is going on? what has been consumed? are they gonna burn down the house for the sake of art? Who came up with such an amazing plan to send it to some Ukrainian contest? And last but not least – why not put it on a cinema screen?

Ramaldar Productions keep you on the edge of your seat as you closely follow the manic moves of the camera, awkward changes of lighting and listen to the obsessive repetitive noise in the background. And you never get bored. What else can one expect from a movie today, when we see so much and so little can impress.

Moreover this piece is likely to inspire dear memories in everyone who ever wandered around their devastated apartment after a crazy night trip with some friends.

To sum up, this movie beautifully combines all the elements of a good arthouse piece, delivering them in the craziest form possible.

by Artyom Dergachev