Here are the results of the First Edition of Cinestesya


Best Short - The Stay

Best Short Nomination - Memorie Sbiadite

Best Short Nomination - Muria


Best Experimental Short - Chasing Swipes

Best Experimental Short Nomination - Arrow Board Game

Best Experimental Short Nomination - The Amber Leaf


Best Script - Samantha Cassella - To a God Unkown

Best Script Nomination - The Stay

Best Script Nomination - Muria


Best SoundTrack - Frazer Lee - The Stay

Best SoundTrack nomination - Memorie Sbiadite

Best SoundTrack nomination - To a god unkown


Best Photography - Paradise Ship

Best Photography nomination - Memorie Sbiadite

Best Photography nomination - To a God Unkown


Best Cinematography - Memorie Sbiadite

Best Cinematography - To a God Unkown

Best Cinematography - Muria



Petar Boyadzhiev - Beyond - Bulgaria

Marcin Gizycki - Arrow Board Game - Poland
Takaaki Watanabe - Paradise Ship - Japan

Namo Safideen - Chasing Swipes - Swedeen
Ismael Aveleira - Muria - Spain

Javeth PadillaIt’s - All The Same - United States

Frazer Lee - The Stay - United Kingdom

Samantha Cassella - To a God Unkown - Italy

Vangel Micevski - Kaval - Macedonia

Jonathan Riles - The Amber Thief - United States

Bruno Miguel Resende - Minor Arcana - Portugal

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